Umbraco technology

The Umbraco content management system is a fully functional, secure and enterprise capable content management system. With Umbraco, it's incredibly easy to manage your site and focus on producing and managing great content.

As you and your editors, add documents, change text, update images, a complete record of changes, is saved, second by second. If you discover a mistake, whether it was yesterday or 6 months ago, just roll back to previous versions with a simple click. With our view the difference tool, you can see all differences between 'save one' and 'save two', highlighted for you in either an editor view or in HTML view.

Our Audit trail keeps a complete history of changes made to the web site and who made them, including dates and times.

Allow groups to edit or add content, allow users to edit single pages. Require authorisation before anything is made live. Hide and or show anything or nothing, with total flexibility. Your editors only see and do what you want them to.

Add and remove new editors in a few seconds and all lost passwords are managed automatically by Umbraco meaning that you do not need to be involved.

All your services visible together in a fully searchable way. Presented as an A - Z listing, or via speciality, or location. In fact by any way that suits you. Show details about the service, information about clinicians, specialist information for other professionals and details of your referral pathways. 

Geo location and mapping show the location, along with public transport routes, parking information, opening times and access challenges.

Upload an image and it's too big, just crop it. If you want to move the image, or only show a certain area, just drag it and Umbraco does the rest.

Want the same content, but in a different layout? Just select a different template.

Want to add a gallery or a list of links, or some bespoke code? Select from more than 10 components that you just click into place and build your page as you want it. 

Want to move a page from one area to another. Just drag and drop it.

Lost a document, image or page. Search for it with our back office search. Searching through pages both published and unpublished, image and document libraries. You will quickly find what you want. If it's been deleted and you want it back, just undelete it from the recycle bins

Looking like the Windows folders you are familiar with, upload one or multiple images and documents, simultaneously to folders in which you are in complete control. Name them as you like, rename them if you need to, create folders within folders.

Build your pages at your convenience, set a publish date and they appear just when you want them, set an unpublish date and they disappear just as fast.

Move pages from one location to another simply by dragging and dropping. Sort pages and change the navigation structure in seconds. Don't like it? Just roll back.

Set workflow to pages and documents have people alerted when they reach a review date or expiry date. Have the pages or documents removed from view automatically if review dates are passed.

A high-level dashboard that shows you at a glance, who is doing what. Which pages and documents are waiting to be published, recent activity and by whom. A complete over view of your websites recent activity.

If you have multiple websites, the chances are that you have multiple content management systems and possibly even different content management systems.

With us, you can have multiple websites all using the same content management system, Umbraco. Log into the website and see all your websites listed, simply click the website you want to edit and that's it.

You are in good company, look who else uses Umbraco