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eForms+ is a secure electronic form delivery system designed specifically to collect identifiable patient data for use within the NHS. Designed to comply with the requirements of our BSI/ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management certification and to satisfy your organisations Information Governance teams requirements.  

Our secure forms solution, allows you to use electronic forms to enable self referral, professional referral, sexual health kit ordering and much more. We work with you to build the forms to your specification and branding.

eForms+ removes the risks with transmitting Patient Identifiable Information by email. eForms+ moves the submitted form data, from the internet, via our network infrastructure directly into our eForms+ application that sits securely on the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN).

We host the forms on our Tier 4 secure cloud environment. The forms will be fully accessible from your own websites. 

The submitted form information is securely stored in our eForms+ application. Each record can be opened and read, or exported as an Excel Spread sheet or PDF. Exported data can easily be imported into your clinical systems.

An archive of submitted forms is retained for as long as your Information Governance policies allow, with you in control of data deletion, or eForms+ will manage that on your behalf.


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