eForms is a highly secure electronic form delivery system designed specifically to collect identifiable patient data for use within the NHS. Designed to comply with the requirements of our BSI/ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management certification.

eForms combines two elements (the forms themselves and eForms the application)

The forms

Our forms are built by hand to your design, to the highest of security standards. They are designed to ensure that the form contents cannot be discovered when the form is submitted (Man in the middle attack) and that the form is protected against hacking attempts (SQL injection)

The forms can be complex multi part forms with algorithms that direct people to an appropriate form or direct them away from the form completely. (To other contact details or an appointment booking solution for example)

All our forms are security tested by our 3rd party partners NCC Group www.nccgroup.trust/uk/ or BulletProof www.bulletproof.co.uk with the reports sent independently to you.

eForms eConsent forms application

Your submitted forms are delivered directly into our eForms application. Our eForms application sits securely on our N3 network hosted servers in our Tier 4 datacenters Telehouse, Docklands and Equinix, Heathrow.

Once the submitted forms are in our eForms application, the management of hundreds of forms is much simpler. They are searchable, exportable and conditions can be set to alert you to duplicates and other service commissioning rules such as over-ordering.

A better experience

Once submitted the submitter can download a PDF of the completed form, and or have it emailed to their email address. Each form has a unique reference number that is carried across onto the form to allow cross-checking and ease discoverability later.

Who’s using eForms

eForms is in use with nine services across many NHS Trusts. eForms is managing approximately 35,000 submitted forms annually.

Return on investment

Improved productivity

Time and time again we see employees able to be reassigned to other work rather than having to trawl through and action hundreds of forms manually. With electronic forms you get all the information you want the first time, no more chasing the sender to find the answer to incomplete questions.

No more scanning faxed forms to allow them to be imported into clinical systems.

Better user experience and satisfaction

Our user engagement tells us that the majority of people would rather submit an electronic form online, have an instant response back to acknowledge that it had been received and would be actioned.

Better security

No more risk of paper forms being lost or delivered to the wrong people. No more pressure around storing paper forms for many years as records.

No high or critical vulnerabilities were identified in the website application, which demonstrates that the application meets security best practice standards.

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