Get Business Resilient

Working with various government partners and the charity Groundworks. We were commissioned to develop a set of tools to support businesses manage weather risk.

With two requirements:

  • A website to provide information and access to training courses and telephone numbers where further support are found.

  • A web based application that will allow businesses to better understand their risk and what they can do about it. 

Resilience reviews

Two separate resilience reviews are offered, a six question quick check, this determines whether or not we recommend you sign up and complete the full 80 question review. Once completed the review will give you an assessment of your businesses risk, covering eight main areas. 

  • Premises and Location
  • Flooding
  • Staff
  • IT and Communications
  • Utilities
  • Assets and Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Supply Chain

Complete support

Combined with telephone support, on site business reviews and workshops, the online website and resilience risk checking tools provide a complete package. Helping businesses who believe they may be in danger of business disruption due to weather events.

With the review application designed to allow companies to complete it as they have time, able to jump back in when they are able and delivering a real time risk rating that changes as they act on the recommendations of the review.

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