London critical care network

London critical care network delivers training to doctors and paramedics all over London who are responsible for the transfer of critically ill people from one intensive care unit to another. When they commissioned us they had a vision covering three areas.

  • That training videos could be streamed to mobile and tablet devices within Hospitals and in transit.
  • That eLearning services were available to support the face to face training courses offered by the service.
  • That a smartphone app was developed, that would allow doctors and paramedics to have immediate access to critical information to support them in managing a successful transfer.





The safer transfer app is available in both the Apple and Android stores and is installed on more than 600 phones across London.

The content was written and reviewed by over 20 consultants and other clinicians all with extensive experience in transferring and retrieving critically ill civilian and military patients.

Its aim is to allow quick reference to essential content to aid the stabilisation and transfer of critically ill adult and paediatric patients, and those with subspecialty needs.

Available on the Apple app store and Google play

London critical care network wanted a robust eLearning platform to support their many training courses. They wanted clinicians to be able to work through the course, complete exams and be awarded certificates when successfully passed.

Having Moodle developers in-house, this was the platform of choice for us.

Moodle is a free, online Learning Management system enabling educators to create their own private website filled with dynamic courses that extend learning, anytime, anywhere.

Whether you're a teacher, student or administrator, Moodle can meet your needs. Moodle’s extremely customisable core comes with many standard features.

London critical care network are HSJ Patient Safety Awards 2017 winners: Patient Safety in Critical Care and Trauma Patients

The NWLCCN wanted to standardise patient transfer bags across all 13 acute hospital sites. The reason for doing this was to reduce variation as there were 16 different transfer bags in use in the network including three differing ones in one acute hospital.

This project also enabled the addition of training on a standardised transfer bag into the already successful Transfer training project.

This would mean that all staff would be trained, leading to improved patient safety. Every ICU, ED and HDU in NWL now uses the same transfer bag and contents.

The transfer bag contents are all detailed clearly within the safer transfer app. (STrApp)

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