Let's Talk About It


Solent sexual health wanted a digital partner who could support them in their aspirations to digitise access to their services.

This was to be far more than an information based website, but something that was to become integral to their working, would drive efficiencies and challenge conventional thinking around access to service.

Mobile first

With over 80,000 unique page views per month and 89% of those visitors using mobile. This was our first consideration.

Clinic finder

More than a service catalogue. The clinic finder was designed to allow service users to see in real-time, which clinics were open, what services they supplied, how to get there and what the waiting times were.

Short notice closures or full walk in clinics are tweeted out and displayed as important news items across the web site.


Over 20,000 forms are submitted annually, directly into a database that allows you to see all submissions separately by form type.

Results can be exported and reports generated. Commissioning rules require that no one can over order and alerts to this activity are displayed to the Trust to manage.

A separate area of the application allows the kit providers and testers to access recent updates and progress the order without intervention from the Trust. 

Live Chat

Using our live chat application, we embedded this tool into the Let's Talk About It site. When made live by the service people can connect and chat in real time to clinicians and volunteers, sited across Hampshire. 

With very similar functionality to a telephone system, calls can be redirected to more appropriate professionals if needed.

No patient data is stored in the application, and all calls when closed are deleted. Initially rolled out to support HIV services, it is to be rolled out to support all sexual health services, during 2017.

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